Marfa is the place to go if you are looking to relax and enjoy the open air. We go to Marfa specifically because there isn’t a ton to do. It keeps you from over-planning and ensures that you actually rest. The 6 ½ hour drive from Austin is long, but it’s beautiful. Once you leave Austin you will only pass through tiny towns, so pack some good snacks!

What to eat:
Squeeze: A small Swiss style café with a cute outdoor seating area. Great for breakfast.Food Shark: If you don’t do anything else, eat here. Please. It is so good. The fattoush salad (with hummus and falafel) is wonderful. Future Shark: Future Shark is the brick and mortar sequel to the Food Shark trailer. We’ve eaten at Food Shark/Future Shark half a dozen times and never had anything we didn’t love.Frama: The only dedicated coffee shop in town… located in a Laundromat. They serve locally roasted coffee from Big Bend Coffee Roasters. It’s probably the best cup of coffee (or latte) you will find for 50 miles in any direction.Pizza Foundation: Great pizza. Also the only place on this list that serves dinner.

Things to do:
Rent bikes at Thunderbird Hotel and ride them everywhere. The town is so small you can get anywhere within 5 minutes and it’s a great way to see the architecture around town.The Chinati Foundation is really what put Marfa on the map. I highly recommend going on the guided tour. It is 100% worth it. If nothing else at least go walk around Donald Judd’s 15 concrete works. They are truly inspirational.Take a drive west. Stop at Prada Marfa. Keep driving. Stop on the side of the road and enjoy being the only person for miles.  Go to a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory. Drive up through Ft. Davis into the mountains and enjoy a night of stargazing. If you have the luxury of planning your trip around the lunar calendar, try to go on a night with less moonlight.

Where to stay:
Thunderbird Hotel: Rent a typewriter, a record player, or a bicycle. This is a fun place to stay with a great pool area to relax. Modern meets West Texas. El Cosmico: Trailers, teepees, or tents. Next time we go, this is the place we’re staying. It looks like a lot of fun and has a lot of character.

- Slumlove

February 19, 2014 by Ava Darnell