Summer weather has a itching for a road trip. Whether it's just a couple hours drive through your state or completely across the country - road trips have a way of liberating us. A good soundtrack is always necessary when mapping out your perfect adventure. Here's what we will be jamming to on our next road trip. 

1. Tiderays - Volcano Choir

2. Drive - Wild Cub

3. Cayucos - Cayucas

4. Horizon - Real Estate

5. Souls Like Wheels - The Avett Brothers

6. I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

7. Ledges - Noah Gundersen 

8. My Oh My - Sisyphus

9. Step - Vampire Weekend

10. I Will Be There - Odessa



- Slumlove

May 09, 2014 by Ava Darnell