Making: Some tough decisions about the future of Slumlove. All good things, though! 
Cooking: Chicken Tortilla Soup. It's been a weekly tradition in our home for a while now. 
Drinking: Topo Chico. Best sparkling water around. 
Reading: The third Harry Potter book. I know, I am extremely late to the club. But hey, better now than never! 
Wanting: To have a magic wand like Harry Potter so the Slumlove inventory could organize itself...
Looking: For a great hotel in NYC. Another adventure happening soon!
Playing: Lykke Li. A favorite of mine. 
Wishing: My plants would stop dying. 
Enjoying: Working beside my best friend at a coffee shop. Makes mundane tasks a lot more fun! 
Waiting: For some new Slumlove shipments to arrive!
Liking: That I'm going to be eating a sno-cone tonight. 
Wondering: What flavor of sno-cone I'm going to get...
Loving: Being back in Austin. I so enjoy my time in Africa and traveling around the world, but there's something irreplaceable about home. 
Hoping: That this new season of Slumlove Sweater Co. will be a great one!
Marveling: At our amazing adventures this Summer. We had a great team & it really was one of our best trips ever. 
Needing: A massage.
Smelling: The scent of roasting coffee at Brew & Brew.
Wearing: A maxi skirt from Threads for Thought and a white tank. 
Noticing: That my hair is getting out-of-control long. Must be time for a trim. 
Knowing: Life is quite beautiful. 
Feeling: A little tired. But it's the kind of tired that comes along with living life to the fullest!
Bookmarking: Sofa options for our new home.
Thinking: About how excited i am to have a sno-cone. Did I mention I'm going to get a sno-cone tonight?
July 10, 2014 by Ava Darnell