Today we launch our brand new Women's and Accessories collections. 

What's so new about these collections? Well, everything. 

Over this past year, we moved to a new production facility outside of the Kibera slum. We are working with more women, which means more lives are being improved through your purchases. 

We've also begun making our products with 100% cotton yarn. We are working with a supplier in East Africa that produces CmiA certified yarn, which means they work closely with small sub-saharan farmers to help them build sustainable businesses and protect the environment. We want everything about our products to be beneficial to our world, from the way the cotton was grown to the materials we use to ship your sweater.

In addition to updating the style and fit of current products, we've added some new pieces, as well. We will be highlighting The Knit Dress and our new hand-knit beanies and scarves throughout this week. 

Thanks for sticking with us throughout this crazy journey! We are super proud of this collection and can't wait for you to enjoy it. 

October 30, 2015 by Ava Darnell