Black Friday looks a little different here at Slumlove. You won't see mega-discounts or crazy promotions on our site - and the reason for this is simple: We already offer this to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. We believe ethical fashion should be accessible to everyone. We don't want our products to be exclusive to a certain group of people, but instead, we want everyone to take part in changing the world. 

We do this by selling all of our products at a wholesale cost directly to you, our consumer. You won't find our products anywhere else other than our website, and this is a conscious choice made by us. We get emails everyday from retailers asking if they can sell our products in their stores, and we always say no. It stings a little for us to have to turn down some amazing opportunities, but we do this so that we can keep our products affordable for you. 

So, you won't ever find our products on sale or see us offering sweaters at a crazy discounted price. Ethical fashion isn't about consuming as much clothing as possible for as cheaply as possible, but it's about spending wisely and making choices that are improving our world. 

As a thank you for your continued support and dedication to joining with us in revolutionizing the fashion industry, we will be offering free shipping Friday - Monday on all of our products.

November 27, 2015 by Ava Darnell