One of Slumlove's missions is to use fashion as a force for good. We are doing this by running a company that provides ethically made products that are good to the world while doing good in the world. Our products are made with love in Kenya, where all knitters are paid a living wage for their work. We use only natural or organic materials and reuse and recycle at every opportunity. We then donate a portion of our profits to a nonprofit that provides high school scholarships to students living in Kenya's largest slum. We also want ethical fashion to be accessible for everyone, so we mark-up our products much less than the industry average. 

Because of our unique business model and mission, you won't find discounts or sales on our site. We value our products and we value our employees, and we want to make your shopping experience with Slumlove intentional and purposeful. Instead of the traditional Black Friday sales you may find, we will be doing things a little differently. Today, 50% of ALL SALES will be donated directly to providing high school scholarships to students from the slum. 

Let's see how much good we can do.