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What makes Slumlove Sweater Company different from other clothing lines?
Slumlove Sweater Company was created in order to provide jobs + education for people living in the Kibera slum. Our goal as a company is not to sell clothing as cheaply and quickly as possible, but to provide a way for consumers to partner with us and help make the world a better place. What started as a small partnership between founder Ava Darnell and a single knitter from Kibera has grown into a full production facility where we employ over 20 women to make our products. That's 20 lives that have been radically changed because of you. 
 How do I clean my Slumlove sweater?
Because our sweaters are made with 100% cotton, we recommend hand-washing or dry cleaning only. 
 What material are Slumlove sweaters made from?

We make our products from 100% cotton yarn. We work with a small facility in East Africa that produces cotton yarn that is CMIA certified. This means they work closely with small farmers in the area to help produce sustainable businesses and environmentally friendly materials. 

What happens when I order a product on backorder?
Because we work in a small facility in Kenya, we aren't always able to keep up with the demand. We want to give our customers the option to buy our pieces, so we still sell our products, even when we don't currently have them in stock. Any item that is on backorder will be labeled as such when you purchase, along with a shipping date. A couple things to note:

1. These dates are a rough estimate of when we believe we will be getting in our next shipment. Although we are almost always ready to ship by the estimated date, there are cases where the ship date may be a few days later.

2. When you order a backordered product along with additional products that aren't on backorder, your entire order will ship when everything is available, not piece-by-piece. So if you are wanting one product before another product will be available, you may want to purchase in two separate orders.  

How else can I support Slumlove Sweater Company?

We need help getting the word out about Slumlove! We are committed to keeping our overhead costs low, so that we can sell our sweaters at an affordable price & still give as much back to the slum as possible, which means we don't spend a lot on marketing or advertising. If you are a fan of Slumlove, please let people know! We love interacting with our customers on social media, and would love to see your pics & hear your stories! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!